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Tattoo Addict Gel-O is specifically formulated to aid in the tattooing process as a lubricant. Av..
Thin Tattoo Addict branded Sticky Tape. Comes on a roll. Great for decor. ..
Antimicrobial and Hygienic Ink Wipes for gentle wiping of tattoos.  Made specifically for ta..
Tattoo Addict Solidify (Tattoo cleanup powder)Usage: Open spout and squeeze SOLIDUS (1g powder..
Stoned is a premium liquid solidifier that turns any liquid into a solid fast! Stoned is designed to..
Solidus Desiccant (Tattoo cleanup powder)Usage: Open spout and squeeze SOLIDUS (1g powder per ..
Spilpak Laminate Paper is a luxurious highly absorbent paper towel for use in the Spilpak Dispenser...
The innovative Spilpak Dispenser is built to house 100 meters of highly absorbent paper towel. The w..
250ml Aluminium green soap bottle with a black trigger action spray pump. This allows you to apply G..
Plastic white rinse cups 300ml. 10 per pack ..
100 per box. Wooden Tongue Depressor. 150mm x 80mm. Perfect for keeping a sterile environment, su..
This 5 Piece Tattoo Cleaning Brush set is great for keeping your tattoo equipment, tips and tubes cl..
Realistic Practice skin for tattoo artists looking to perfect their crafts or simply try a new style..
This product contains 3pcs plastic bottles. 250ml capacity with scale makes them convenient to mixed..
100 per Pack. Plastic covered absorption dressing. ..
A simple, small magnification device used to fully inspect your tattoo needles before the work is st..