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Tattoo wash bottle bags in 250 pack with convenient dispenser box. Splash back and aerosol contamina..
Tattoo Clip Cord sleeves cover your clip cord and help to maintain a sterile workstation. The clip c..
Always use protection with our tattoo machine cover bags. Splash and aerosol contamination may be cr..
2 Ply 100 per Box Basic Surgical masks provide protection and use materials to ensure comfort ..
500 pcs per box. Colour: Blue Crosstex Bibs, Poly Backed, Tray Covers. Two layers of absorbent..
Size: 400 millimetres x 20 micron x 400 metres   This product is suitable to wrap fresh t..
4 Ply.  510mm x 640mm 200 per Box Linen savers are disposable sheets used to protect bedd..
Size: 10cm x 15 micron x 150m. This product is suitable to wrap fresh tattoos. The small size make..