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As blue as the water you want to be in. Heals with a white touch. This blue tattoo ink is an integra..
A smooth brown yellow tattoo ink necessary for any type of tropical tattoo. This is a must have for ..
This special tattoo ink is as creamy as the pie itself, works great for highlights. Buy this tattoo ..
A girl's favourite. A perfect colour for those small flower tattoos. The colour heals with a slight ..
This dark red ink is the perfect colour for those bloody demon tattoos or Japanese pieces. The tatto..
Perfectly balanced skin tone tattoo ink colour for all kind of pin ups and flesh tones. Creates a na..
Perfect for those large pin-ups tattoos that your clients love. Heals with a slight pink shade. A ve..
Golden Rod colour tattoo ink completed the missing link in INTENZE Products' colour wheel. It create..
Another special ink colour for tattoos which leads the tattoo ink industry in unique appearance. A m..
A hot colour for desert scenes. This unique sienna is another hard to find tattoo ink colour that wi..
A unique medium grey which almost achieves the look of silver in the tattoo. Imagine the creati..