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Perforated Plastic Transparent Tape. Hypoallergenic ..

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Individually wrapped medical grade sterile razors ..
High quality medical disposable safety double edge razor.  ..
25mm x 5m. Pack of 12. For light fixation. Hypoallergenic adhesive. Microporous – breathable and..
24mm x 10m. Gentle and breathable to maintain skin integrity. Excellent cross and diagonal stretch..
The MTS Sterile Barrier Procedure Pack is a fully sterilized pack that contains everything a ta..
Self-Sealing autoclave pouches are easy to use. The pouches do not hinder the penetration of steam s..
Available in 1 and 5 Litres.
 A ready to use safe, cold sterilisation and disinfectant for surgical..
Green soap is used for cleaning and mild antisepsis of the skin. Comes in a 1 litre or a 5-litr..
Available in 1 and 5 litres.
 A ready to use general disinfectant recommended for disinfecting all ..
ULTRADERM Film Bandage 15cm & 20cm 0pcs/box. Breathable, waterproof, durable and hypoallergenic...